Saturday, June 7, 2008

Warning: This Comic May Cause Symptoms of Herpes, Depression


from issue 2, volume 2

Jenna Jameson’s
Shadow Hunter #0

Written by Christina Z. and Jenna Jameson
Drawn by Mukesh Singh

I really tried to give this comic a shot. I thought, maybe, just maybe, it would defy my expectations in some small way and be more than a terrible vanity comic. I’m a generous guy. I’ll admit it if I’m wrong.

I’m not.

It is published by Virgin Comics. It is a story about a top-heavy blonde who experiences hallucinations about angels and demons only to find out they are real, from which point she begins to fight them in order to discover secrets about her past.

There. That’s the whole joke.

Or, perhaps more accurately, there is no joke.

Fuck it. I give up.

Rating: One Bottle of Bumwine.

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